How to proceed if you notice your previous hookup on campus

Try not to scream or run

The possibility of bumping in to a lover that is former hookup bud, or past one-night stand is definitely a regrettable truth on a university campus. You will never know when or where you dudes will dsicover one another. Perhaps the encounter that is awkward at a frat, regarding the quad, in class room, or literally somewhere else on campus. Here’s some tips about how to endure the awkwardness, and don’t forget til you make it, right that you can do this, fake it?

Dining hallway

You’re just chillin, consuming from a bowl of like ten chicken tenders whenever you place your hookup walking in out from the part of the attention. You debate bumping into them on accident, then again you recognize you are aware you really need ton’t. Tune in to your conscience, keep relax and eat your tenders and check always away this informative article for just how to look stylish, casual, and effortless in the d-halls, particularly after per night of consuming.

The library

In the event that you dudes didn’t end well and find yourself sitting across from one another at Club Bird, don’t fret. Simply ignore them. But, in the event that you dudes take good terms break the awkwardness, look, and revolution! It’ll be over before it is known by you.


Because the quad is really so big, then you often will avoid operating into the worst error right right here. If in the off opportunity, you may be literally close to one another, look. Or even, simply work as if you don’t see them and text your friends feverishly (you know you may).

Goal- be because delighted as my pal Ariel if you see your ex lover regarding the Quad

Schine Scholar Center

‘Jeez, can’t i recently enjoy a quesadilla and a Dunkin iced coffee before class?’, is really what you’re probably thinking in your mind. Nevertheless, just do exactly what most of the films Home Page say, perform it cool. It’s the golden guideline that’s worked for ages and it’ll work for you too.


You’re walking into the high grade for the semester, (a little one, nevertheless) and bam, they’ve been sitting there. In your thoughts, your jaw falls to your flooring, but on the exterior you stay cool, relaxed, and built-up. Such as the library scenario, just say hi if for example the hookup wasn’t a jerk. If it is a lecture hallway, you have got a far better possibility of “pretending to not see them,” so fingers crossed they’re perhaps not in your ten individual Monday early morning course.


Happily for you, ‘Cuse tailgates will always popping with individuals and crowded , to help you probably the ex-beau. When they do occur to show up for you, don’t run. You are drunk from your brain, but simply attempt to work as normal as you possibly can, and also for the passion for God, don’t spot them into the crowd and stepped on to them: we don’t care just how many beers you shotgunned or exactly exactly just how much Malibu you’ve consumed in a half hour, simply no.


Sooooo dancing that is you’re your fave frat and all sorts of of an abrupt they walk in, and instantly begin tossing on their own onto clueless, drunk individuals. Try not to work jealous. Behave like the babe you might be and DGAF. Play it cool and keep doing you. When they would you like to say hi, they will certainly.


Therefore, here’s the offer: avoid drunken hookups with previous fans. Should they ghosted you, you operate like they’re a ghost if you see them away. Additionally, i am aware it’s super immature but completely make certain you dancing with, or kissing someone else as you’re surrounded by all your friends that they see.

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