However, she estimates that clearer labeling on the products will hardly be possible

Her new partner has stayed with her in all the ups and downs and the voluntary work in HIV and AIDS education gives her a boost. “My older son has even asked when I will finally give a lecture at his school,” says Voges. And there is still a lot to be done on site. “There are a lot of people with HIV around here. But often their families don’t even know about them.” She hesitates for a moment. “If I could have kept it to myself back then, I would probably have done that too.”

A few hours after receiving a threatening letter with white powder to a judge at the Mönchengladbach district court, the police caught a suspect on Tuesday evening. As the police announced on Wednesday morning, there were “indications of a mental illness” in the 42-year-old. He was admitted to a specialist hospital.

According to the fire department, the substance in the letter was not dangerous. The letter had stated that it was anthrax. Which material it actually was has not yet been determined.

Why the 42-year-old allegedly sent the letter was initially unclear.

Shampoo, lipstick and anti-wrinkle creams: Hardly anyone thinks of dead animals here. But lice, ground horns and other slaughterhouse waste are often used by manufacturers to make things beautiful. This is difficult to see for the consumer. Five personal hygiene terms you should know.

One look at the list of ingredients leaves many consumers at a loss. Hardly anyone knows how to fully interpret the numbers and terms. And so many are not aware of which animal components are hidden in make-up and personal care products. While the term beeswax still shows the animal origin, it becomes more difficult with lanolin, keratin, collagen, elastin and carmine.

Sheep sebum secretion in many ointments

Lanolin is just another name for wool wax. This is the secretion from the sebum glands of sheep. It is released when the wool is washed. Because of its skin-caring and oiling properties, it is used in many ointments and creams. Vegetable oils such as almond, olive or argan oil are a good alternative.

Hair care from horns and feathers

An animal component is also hidden behind the term keratin. The fiber protein extracted from horns, feathers and claws is often used in shampoos and conditioners. But it can also be found in food supplements and is said to make hair and nails stronger and more resistant. A good alternative is herbal keratin. The proteins are usually obtained from corn, wheat and soy. Manufacturers of organic products often use them. On the product, this is usually hidden behind the term “soy creatine”.

From pig skin to human skin

Collagen and elastin are also proteins. They are mostly extracted from the skin and tendons of pigs and cattle. They are often used in anti-aging creams because of their firming properties. Algae are a good vegetable alternative. They contain amino acids that stimulate the renewal of the body’s own collagen and elastin.

For many lipsticks, lice are crushed

An animal component is also hidden behind the terms carmine, cochineal and CI 75470. “This is a red dye that is often used in lipsticks and nail varnishes. To get to the pigment, scale insects are crushed,” says Silke Schwartau, head of the nutrition and food department at the Hamburg Consumer Center (VZHH). “Since this type of color extraction is quite expensive, chemical alternatives are being used more and more.”

Using the example of carmine red, however, the expert clearly speaks out in favor of the animal component: “This is of natural origin and you know what it is. Chemical dyes, on the other hand, often consist of mixtures that can be critical for health.”

“Animal components are harmless to health”

According to Schwartau, those who do not mind the animal components can continue to use them without any worries: “They are not harmful to community service essay In cosmetics, there are high purity requirements. There have never been any problems here.”

According to the consumer advocate, natural components are better tolerated than chemical components.

Vegan cosmetics do without animals

If you, on the other hand, find the idea of ​​creaming animal components disgusting on your body, you have to look carefully. According to Schwartau, it is difficult to decipher the animal components from the list of ingredients. “It will hardly be possible to enforce clearer labeling on the products,” she estimates.

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To be really sure that care and cosmetic items are free from animals, it is best to use vegan products. Or you can ask the manufacturer whether your favorite product is animal-free. “The websites and are also good sources of information. Here consumers get a good overview of the ingredients and can then decide which products will end up in the shopping cart in the future,” advises Schwartau.

Six stamps and a former Democrat boss as the sender: What is known so far about the letter bombs in the USA. 

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The pipe bombs sent to well-known critics by President Donald Trump are causing an uproar in the United States. The packages were addressed to well-known democratic politicians and Trump critics, as well as other celebrities who are considered targets of the political right. If the investigators’ suspicions are correct, the pipe bombs discovered in the USA could have exploded.

What do we know about the explosives?

The explosives were sent in large envelopes. The bombs consisted of a PVC pipe filled with shrapnel and gunpowder, NBC reported, citing three investigators. A photo published by the news channel CNN shows that the package has six stamps with the US flag on them. The same stamps were used on other letter bombs. A former head of the Democrats is named as the sender.

The intercepted package from the news channel CNN also contained white powder and a functional explosive device, said the US police. Experts assume that the substance is an explosive powder.

A screenshot from CNN’s Twitter account shows the explosive device that was delivered to the TV broadcaster’s New York headquarters: Investigators believe the pipe bomb could have exploded. (Source: CNN Twitter Account via AP // dpa)

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, anthrax spores in a white powder were sent to politicians and the media. All current letter bombs should be constructed similarly, said the investigators. It should be a very simple construction.

Who were the targets of the attacks?

The targets of the attacks were ex-President Barack Obama, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, other Democratic Party politicians and the US news channel CNN. A package was also sent to a celebrity film star on Thursday. An explosive device had been sent to billionaire George Soros on Monday.

The US Federal Police FBI confirmed on Thursday that two more package bombs had been addressed to Democratic Congressman Maxine Waters. Trump called them a racist. Another explosive device went to Eric Holder, the first African American attorney general under President Obama.  

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It is noticeable that they were addressed to prominent Democratic politicians and, with Soros, aimed at one of the largest financiers of the Democrats. CNN is repeatedly reviled by the Republican US President Donald Trump as a disseminator of false news. The addressee of the CNN package was the former CIA boss John Brennan, who works as an expert for the station and is a vehement critic of Trump.

The bombs sent to Obama and Clinton were sent to the private addresses of politicians and intercepted by the Secret Service. Holder’s package was incorrectly addressed and returned to the sender – allegedly the office of ex-Democratic boss Debbie Wasserman Schulz. Reports of a suspicious package in the White House were found to be false.

Parcel bombs to Clinton, Obama and CNN: “There’s a lot of hatred in the air” Parcel bombs to Democrats: Trump looks to the media to blame

Another package of bombs had been sent to an address in Manhattan on Thursday morning. There are two companies there that are associated with Hollywood star Robert De Niro. The package was addressed to De Niro. He is also considered a great critic of Trump. In addition, US investigators have found a suspicious package addressed to former US Vice President Joe Biden. It was discovered in Delaware, reported the broadcaster CBS, citing the authorities. In the state, the US FBI raided a post office facility.

Who could have sent the bombs?

It is unclear who sent the bombs. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of a “definite act of terrorism”. New York Police Chief James O’Neill said on CNN that it was still unclear whether a lone perpetrator or a network was behind the mail. But he assumes that the perpetrator or perpetrators will be caught in the coming days.

In the social networks, however, there are also contributions by Trump supporters who see the attacks as a political deception. The explosives were not dangerous, it is argued there. The fact that the letter bombs had to be defused, according to media reports, speaks against this. That was the only reason why nobody was harmed.

Sources used: dpa, AFP, ReutersCNN news blog

Are you super attractive or not? Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a program that reveals how beautiful someone is.

Even if beauty is known to come from within and is relative, everyone secretly asks whether one is attractive. The program developed by Swiss researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology now provides the answer. 

How the test works

To do this, testers simply have to upload a photo. An algorithm then determines the age, gender and whether someone is more like “Hmm ..”, “Ok” Nice, “Hot”, Stunning “or” Godlike “. The latter would be a “god” among the beautiful. 

And this is how the program comes to its verdict: It compares the uploaded picture with thousands of profile photos and the 17 million ratings of a dating site.

If you are not so beautiful …

The providers of the test recommend not to take a negative result so seriously. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You should have fun and not take it too seriously.

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Within a few days, the test was shared and clicked millions of times. What about you? Are you curious to see how pretty you are? Check it out …

Prophylaxis drugs play a very relevant role in the fight against the immune deficiency disease AIDS. The drugs could make a significant contribution worldwide to reducing the number of new HIV infections, says Chris Beyrer in an interview with dpa. He is chairman of the World AIDS Conference, which will take place in Durban, South Africa until Friday.

Is HIV infection still taken seriously because of the now good treatment options?

This is really a problem. We are very happy that HIV-positive people are now living long. But our biggest concern is that the rate of new infections is not going down. Their number has recently remained the same (around 2.1 million per year). HIV treatment works well, but it means taking medication every day for the rest of life.

What chance do the drugs called “PrEP” (pre-exposure prophylaxis) offer for the prevention of HIV infections?

The idea is that people belonging to a risk group can protect themselves effectively. At the moment prophylaxis consists of one virus-inhibiting tablet per day. This allows people to dramatically reduce their risk of infection. In the USA prophylaxis is already on the market, in South Africa it is being introduced for prostitutes. PrEP is more effective than condoms. We hope that the conference will lead to wider usage.

Is prophylaxis affordable?

In developing countries, cheap generic drugs can be used for this. And in the industrialized countries, prophylaxis is still much cheaper than normal HIV therapy. In addition, the use of PrEP is usually limited in time. Those who are HIV positive have to take medication for the rest of their life.

Is AIDS a Primarily African Problem?

Of course, the infection and death rates are highest in Africa. Much remains to be done here, but good progress is being made. We are currently more concerned about the regions where the number of infections continues to rise. That is the case in the Middle East, in North Africa, and especially in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Ukraine and Russia are what worry us most here.